Sunday, 7 February 2016

Growing up

"You need to grow up!"

We've all heard it at more than one instance in our lives. Most often we've heard it from our parents, sometimes we might hear it from a friend or a teacher. Regardless, growing up is something we all must do eventually (provided you actually want to do something productive with your life).

But who is to say when a person has "grown up" or has become a "grown up"? There are things to be learned at any age and time in our lives, so in a sense, we never stop " growing up" (or, sadly, growing old for that matter). What is different for each of us is how fast we do our growig up. Each person is at a different stage of maturity, going through his/her own personal problems,  trying to make it through the next roadblock life has thrown at them. It is essential as inherently compassionate, and sentient beings to recognise that fact; if we ever want to helped through our troubles, we must try to help others with their own, if we ever hope to have a kind act reciprocated. This is just one of the many important lessons in growing up.

Some of the most important things we can learn growing up are learned alone. I am going through quite an important phase right now in my life, a phase where I have spent a lot of time alone, doing a lot of reflecting, a lot of learning, and a whole lot of growing up. Specifically, I've made made the critical realisation, that living your life to please other people slows down your personal growth tremendously. In the end, there will always be people that you can't please. There will always be expectations that you can't reach. There will always be standards that you will never measure up to; only you know your own limits. Growing up means yourl start realising who you are, the potential you have to do great things, and setting out to accomplish those things, not for the sake of others, but for your own. You must first love yourself, and be comfortable in who you are; only then can one really begin to grow up.

Even so, it is absolutely critical to be weary of the unknown challenges others are facing in their own stages of growing up. Be considerate, be kind, and listen to others. The golden rule still holds true. I promise you life is a lot more enjoyable when you start learning these things.

But enough for now. Do you have some growing up to do? Get to it then!

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