Sunday, 31 January 2016

Life and Music

Driving 75 mph down the A43, speakers blaring an Oliver Heldens dance anthem, and I'm feeling like a total hotshot. I park my car in the student parking lot and put my headset on, turning up the volume to Drake's "Back to Back" as I make my way over to the uni gym to crank out a few sets. I finish up and head to the student bar after a quick shower to get some studying in. Changing the Spotify playlist to John Coltrane, I grab a coffee and get to work.

Katy Perry, Lorde, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Drake, and Calvin Harris: odds are you've heard of at least a few of these names on more than one occasion. These are just a few of today's artists that headline the music industry. Whether you're in the car cruising down the highway, studying for a big test, or pumping some iron in the gym, it's likely that you've listened at least one of the artists mentioned, or similar ones. Music is part of the majority of people's daily routines. It keeps us focused, sets the mood, and isolates us from other unwanted distractions. Most every individual uses music for a significant role that adds color to their lives in some personal, unique way.

I am a person who has always prided himself in his eclectic tastes and interests; the world of music is no exception. I enjoy every type of genre, and listen at least three different genres every single day. Music is a strong passion of mine that I have embraced during happy, sad, and other emotional times in my life. It brings me peace, gets me energized, and allows me to express myself when I'm feeling strongly about something. More specifically, I enjoy playing classical piano, bringing to life deceased musical genius that is still alive on paper, and can be enjoyed when subjectively interpreted by the individual.

What intrigues me the most is how a world divided by ideology can be united by something as common as a few strings of musical notes and lyrics. Music brings life to people's ears, enpassions them, fuels them, brings them together. Moreover, the fact that music seems to have been around since the start of recorded time, begs the question that musical desires and inclinations are innate to the human species. Have you ever taken the time to actually envision a world devoid of music? It's all but impossible. To an extent at least, the world would be lifeless. At the VERY least it would be exponentially more dull and uninteresting.

Every day music continues to evolve and expand, reaching more and more people on a daily basis. As long as the earth continues to spin, it's significance in people's lives will continue persist.

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  1. Amen to that. Great to see I've successfully passed on its love that my patents passed down to me. You should share this with grandpa stanley. I think you've only scratched the surface of a greater treatise on the place and value of music for our species and why. You could use this blog as an outline toward that end.