Sunday, 28 February 2016


In spite of otm parties not really being my thing, I thought one more go at it would be a better alternative to spending my weekend alone.

So, just for fun, I'm documenting how the night unfolds. 2.5 hours in counting until the party starts, and I've downed two energy drinks already (caffeine as a substitute for alcohol, as I'm taking a break from drinking).

In recent news, I lost miserably 5 times in a row to Paul in pool. I swear that man has some sort of magnet hidden in his cue stick.

40 minutes... I think im gonna head downstairs. I've been charging my phone for the past 45 minutes in the student union, honing my pool skills on their crap table.... 84%; should suffice I guess.

2156: Just met a drunk Frenchman, bought me my first drink of the night: a red bull.

2209: Decided to have a smoke. Still dead at the otm right now.

A guy walked out with coffee for security. I went in to check if the machine was still on, and Paul tells me it's only for security.

Finished smoking my cigarillo, listened to a security guy talk about a drunk guy pissing out the window of the community minibus he was driving.

2233: Time for a J2O.

2245: I find Rog at the bar, get his take on my idea to record the night's events. He suggests I download periscope, which allows me to live stream everything taking place....hmmmm....I think he's on to something.

2258: The caffeine seems to be having the reverse effect. I'm feeling rather drowsy, the party hasn't even begun. "Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader"...

2312: Seriously considering a nap right now. " I wanna rock with somebody "...

2322: One red bull is not enough. Two sounds good.

2351: At the dance floor, waiting for the turning to happen.

0009: I reckon I've pissed about 12 times already. The turning has begun. Also, another cigarillo bekons me.



0031: 66% on my phone battery.

0034: Turnt.

"Who run the world? Girls."...

Another red bull...

0100: TURNT.

0118: Another J2O. Another smoke.

0140: silento----> Trap queen

0200: We found love in a hopeless place.

0203: too turnt, need another smoke break.

0225: Took a detour upstairs to the pool table.

0250: Back to the dance floor.

0313: *Phew* My feet are aching, I'm tired, and I think I'm done for the night. Almost made it to 4.

But....I had loads of fun.

Peace out...

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