Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Spontaneous Sequels

Sometimes the movie industry likes to surprise us with a spontaneous follow up film--after a hardly brief hiatus. However, I would say the general consensus is that a long break can be well suited for a one or two film story.

Let's take a look at the award winning Toy Story trilogy. The first film first moved to the big screens in 1994, the year I was born l. Obviously the movie was a major success so it's only appropriate that people expected a sequel to follow--I'm sure no one anticipated they'd be waiting a near decade until there hopes were affirmed. Toy Story 2, which aired in 2001, was another big success, delivering everything the first film did and (debatably) then some. The final instalment wasn't released until a a decade and a year had passed. Toy Story 3 caught the majority of the world by surprise. Not nearly as many believed that Pixar would attempt another chapter to the beloved Toy Story series. Just a few quick looks at past series will tell you why (Rocky 1,2,3,4,5, Rocky Balboa, and In 2016, Creed. Or take for a better example,  the Star Wars prequels, aka episodes 1,2,3) More recently was the Jason Bourne film, Bourne Legacy. I am a huge fan of the Bourne movies and books. Matt Damon, as Jason Bourne himself, is quintessential for a Bourne film. To even attempt a fourth instalment without him is simply money down the drain if you ask a film buff like me.

That being said, when I heard a fifth movie was confirmed, with Matt Damon back as Bourne....I admit, I giggled like a little girl. And Bourne 5 is only one of several anticipated sequels that are to be released soon. Viewers also have films like Finding Dory, Bad Boys 3, Fast 8, and even the award winning series Prison break will be coming out with a new season this year--7 years after its last one finished.

Sometimes the best thing to do when planning  a successful hit sequel is taking a few good years to work on it, Being too hasty, as clearly observed in past occasions, can be a recipe for disaster.

As a little aside, I am very upset that my favourite movie never released a sequel: the Iron Giant 2. While the ending did give the film closure, if only because I liked it so much, I would very much enjoy seeing a modern day sequel, or even a new remake with real people. But discussing my favourite movie is another blog post. I encourage any person of any age to watch the Iron Giant if you have not already. It is a fantastic film.

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