Saturday, 21 May 2016

Dream Destination

Chances are we've all been asked this question or something somewhat like it: If given the opportunity and the financial resources needed, where in the world would you travel to and why?

This question is a good one to ask when getting to know a person because it can tell a lot about him/her. For me, my dream paradise is in isolation from the rest of the world, just me and my wife (maybe kids eventually). I really want to live in a chalet in the Swiss alps, close to mother nature. I want to smell the cool fresh air, look at the gorgeous mountain peaks silhouetted against a amber coloured sunset--No politics, no corrupt government, no society present to sway you one way or the other, no external force of any kind save for the gorgeous scenery and peaceful atmosphere.

Where would you go? Feel free to comment below :)


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  2. heaven.. wherever that is. I'm assuming at this point it is hiding high in the Italian alps.