Friday, 20 May 2016

My generation

I was born Novemeber 27, 1994. I am a '90s baby. I do enjoy the stuff my generation does. With that being said, I think I would have been better fitting with the generation from the roaring '20s.

I resonate with music of that generation specifically. While I have eclectic music tastes,  I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Harry Belafonte, Sammy Davis Jr., and Chet Baker. When it comes to entertainment however, no one outshines Ol' Blue Eyes (Sinatra).

I love singing his stuff when I find myself bored, alone, or in the shower. I can't give a suitable explanation for why I enjoy his music so much, I only know that I wish I could have lived when he did, to see him in his prime, at a live show.

The music of my generation has taken a turn for the worse, in my honest opinion. Strictly referring to the entertainment aspect of it, there is no comparison between today's era of music and the music 90 years ago. Lyrics today are  rampant with drugs, sex, money, and delusions of grandeur. While to an extent I do enjoy this music (much more for its instrumental bits and nice rhythmic beats than the words), whenever I want to hear music that soothes me, puts me at ease, and pulls at my heartstrings, I tune into the past, enjoying some Chopin, some Rachmaninoff, or Frank Sinatra.

At some point in my life I want to compose a piece of music for ever genre known to man: my passion for music and its role it plays in our lives is one of the few things I pride myself in, and I am thankful that the Lord has gifted me with an objective mind and open ears.

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  1. That's beautiful, Scott. Hey until you get a link on FB group, you should put like the first three sentences of your each blog. then a "....." and post your link. Don't put the whole thing on or you won't get a hit on your blog.