Sunday, 15 May 2016


The absence of my noise bombards your deaf ears,

The entire essence of my being trembles with soundless cries and shouts,

How foolish am I to persist...

Your peircing eyes cut through my heart like an ice-tipped sword.

Your eyes.

They are covered by dirty, misconstrued lenses that you refuse to take off, if only to save face.

But your ears. They function like normal, and've become deaf to my words,

Deaf to my vain attempts to reel you in like an exotic fish of the sea.

But I am the bait that no can longer attract your presence.

My hook is dull and jaded.

The refuge I have sustained for you for so long is insufficient.

I rest lifeless upon my worn, rusty hook, in the abyss left in your wake.

The I can feel the ice-tipped sword  penetrating the deepest realms of my soul.

But I am now merely

The background noise

in your life's song.


  1. Powerful Scott. You should share that with Tony the next time you have lunch. Seriously. He has published a book of poems on love.