Friday, 18 March 2016

The Good Stuff

There are quite a bit things that I enjoy. I pride myself in being an individual of eclectic tastes. Every day I am discovering new things to add to my long list of likes and interests. The stuff that "sticks" with me I dub "the good stuff". One of my greatest fixations and hobbies are cigars.

There's nothing quite like a nice smoke paired with a great scotch-whiskey!

Cigars are not for the faint of heart as most are very heavy in strength in flavour. Unlike a standard fag, cigars are NOT meant to be inhaled. Rather, they are meant to be "puffed". They possess varying amounts of distinct tastes and flavours that are best enjoyed and experienced while puffing the cigar and letting the flavours permeate your palette.

Cigars come in several different sizes and shapes as well.

There are torpedoes, churchills, double corona, culebra, and many others. The more tightly the tobacco is packed, the longer it should take you to enjoy your cigar.

There is a cigar etiquette that must be followed if you are to be respected by other frequent cigar smokers. Most amateur stogie smokers tend to force the ash off of their cigar, as if it were a fag. This is wrong! Doing that is equitable to disrespecting the cigar's construction. If the ash is still lingering, it has not yet been fully smoked! It is best to leave it as is, and every so often hold it over the ash tray and give an ever-so-slight shake, or tap of the finger, and if the ash still remains, let it stay. Brag about  it to your mates! The longer the ash the better the construction. The picture underneath is an example of a perfectly constructed cigar.

Another big issue with first time cigar smokers is the proper way to light one up. A common misconception is that the standard zippo lighter should suffice. This is not quite true. Using a zippo lighter can burn the tobacco before it is actually smoked. In addition, zippo lighters are known to take away flavour from the cigar. The chemicals in the lighter fluid can permeate the tobacco and ruin the taste of the cigar at first light. The picture below is an example of tunnelling.

Better than the zippo lighter is a standard match. A match can take a bit of time to fully light a decent-sized cigar. If you do end up using a zippo or match, make sure never to  touch the actual cigar to the flame. Use the heat from the flame as opposed to the flame itself. Make sure the cigar is fully lit before you finish. Some quit when they finally start getting smoke of the draw. This isn't the brightest idea as the cigar may not be fully lit. In this case tunnelling might occur.

Tunnelling is when stick being smoked is not being fully burned. Burning occurs down the sides or in the middle, but not in the full circumference of the cigar.

The best way to light your cigar is by using a butane triple flame lighter. They are not the cheapest but they are the most effective. They are powerful and quick as well as wind resistant.

                                            Above are examples of many different cigar cutters.

Cigar smoking is definitely an acquired taste and a hobby that should be researched and appreciated. Any more questions or thoughts? Leave some in the comment section below and I will answer as best I can!

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