Thursday, 8 September 2016

Brief thoughts: Forget them

"In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually they will hate you."

~Norman Osborne

     For the greater majority of our lives, each of us will continue to disappoint people. Some people just can't be pleased. With that being said, don't continue to waste your talents, energy, and efforts in vain trying to change the unchangeable. It's futile.
     Don't live for other's enjoyment; loneliness is a disease that affects every human being at some point in time, but it's temporary. With 7+ billion people in this world, the likelihood of not meeting someone who appreciates who and what you are is impossible. Most of us, including myself, forget this fact. We become consumed with wanting to fit in to society, or change who we are to fit the standards of others. This is a travesty, a desecration to originality and uniqueness. 
     Of course it's not easy, of course there are days when each of us want to throw in the towel, stare up into the heavens clenching our fists, and scream, I'm done! Imagine for a second if everyone did that, and how different the world would be. The irony is, there would be no differences. The world would be one blurred, dull, redundancy. Sounds fun, eh?
     Of course in your response would be, That's not relevant, why consider the impossible? Well, the fact remains is that EVERYONE feels that way, at least at some point, and yet even so, many of those people have got back on their feet, did the best them in spite of everyone else, and became something great. We are all different and special, and each of us has the power to achieve something great, regardless of your current situation or predicament. Focus on you, don't waste your breath with people that challenge you for the sake of challenging you. Battle that temporary loneliness every day, and know that patience is a virtue. Good things happen to those who wait, just be sure not to wait too long, because nothing happens if you sit and do nothing.