Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Return to the U.S.

With one more exam to go this term, my return to the U.S. is a mere 5 days away. I am excited to be returning after a 6 months absence from American soil.

At the moment, my family is currently residing in Las Vegas, or Sin City, as it were. I have only been there for a couple weeks in January when my family initially moved there. It is a city of grandeur, rampant with casinos, scantily-clad women, and an all-encompassing aroma of cigarettes. I rather enjoyed seeing the city for the first time. With that being said, after speaking with a large handful of people the general consensus is that the timeless city is better for taking a holiday as opposed to actually living there. I would think that the fast paced lifestyle and incessant superficiality takes a toll on a person after a few months. In general, I'd much rather prefer the slower paced, go-with-the-flow pace of life native to Europe.

Las Vegas aside, I have been craving Taco Bell for the past 6 months, and if I can't get any upon my return, there will be blood no doubt. England is severely lacking in Mexican restaurants, good cigars, and sunny weather--all of which can be instantly accessible at my fingertips when I return. Then again, 110 degrees Fahrenheit makes my sour cream skin tingle. Most importantly, I miss the easily accessible gym next to my residence. This term I have been slacking off and these next few weeks back home I am going to exhaust my body, without having to bother with coursework and assignments, and it will be wonderful.

Next stop....Vegas!

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  1. well written scott! And we're looking forward to having you home for a few months.